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About Us – Gift Cards X Change

We at gift cards Xchange offer gift card to cash Exchange service.
on most popular brand Chains we pay out 50-85% of the cards face value balance. GCX was founded in 2015 the company originated in San Diego CA and expanded online Nationwide.
We resell Gift Cards at a discounted rate. At your kiosk you can find Gift Cards for 10-15%off.
Here at GCX you either get cash or you’re saving $$$.
What makes us different then any other company is a company people can trust with speedy same day payouts up to 36 hrs.

We and our site offer you a large selection of gift cards. We have gift cards for any of your requests. Many well-known brands issue gift certificates right in their store. We offer you the opportunity to pick up gift cards that interest you without leaving home. In addition to well-known brands on our site you will find gift cards to expensive restaurants, local cafes and eateries.

In addition, our site may offer you a discount. Gift Cards Xchange dedicated to cashing out your Los Angeles Gift Cards in a quick turnaround time.  We specialize in buying and reselling Gift Cards.

We are committed to offering the highest prices for your Los Angeles gift cards. You don’t need to bother a bit about the unwanted Los Angeles gift cards. Get connected with us and let us fulfill your gift card cashing needs. Don’t let this opportunity sleep from your hand.


About Us  - Gift Card Xchange