You can sell your gift card by going to Sell page then enter your card brand and the balance on the gift card. If our cash offer is acceptable click on Accept & Continue.
This is determined on 2 factors, the time it takes for us to process and validate a merchants card balance and authencity depending on the type of Brand. The 2nd step which payment method you selected. Typically it can be as fast 15-30 minutes for Paypal and Cash Pickup at one of our available locations or it can take 1 – 3 business days for check and 1-2 days via ACH if its an eGift assessible card. For physical cards it takes 1-3 business days after we receive it in the mail. Other factors that can delay payment is PayPal account status. We are not Paypal as they are our 3rd party Merchant payment processor. Once we send money to your PayPal account we have fullfilled our part of the agreement and are not responsible afterwords.
Typically same day up to 3 days, in some uncommon cases a week.
Yes we offer a wide range of payment options. You have the choice of Mailed Check, ACH, PayPal, and Cash Pick up (Only Available Currently in San Diego CA)
You will receive a confirmation email notifying which cards needs to be mailed in.
Please mail gift cards to the address provided on the email we will send out to you. Include your Trans ID number in your mailing. If your total card value in the order is over $100.00 we can send you a free mail in label with tracking number.
We are based in San Diego CA.
We provide instant offers. Get your offer by entering your gift card brand and balance on our sell gift card section of this site.
Our list of merchants that we accept vary as times goes by. Depending on the merchant, sometimes we need to remove or add on our list depending on the merchants gift card policy.
We automatically send an email confirmation with each order. Check your junk folder and if you did not receive it please contact us (sales.gcx.nw@gmail.com).
To ensure a speedy payout we begin the process of validating and authenticating asap. If you change your mind you must contact and let us know right away and if we have not process the order then we will be glad to cancel at request. Once we start processing we cannot cancel it.
Yes we do, Our Headqaurters is located in San Diego Ca in Mission Valley Mall. We operate nationwide online for ease of access and faster service.
Sometimes Paypal holds your payment if you have a new Paypal account. Another reason is sometimes we need to confirm it on our end.
You need to contact Paypal to tell them release it, and sometimes we may need to confirm that we received your gift card on our end.
We operate 7 days a week between 10am – 9pm. Depending on certain Holidays we will be able to process some orders.
Every Card Submission Entry is submitted online on our website.
You can always edit your profile in your card seller account dashboard.
Search and if no hits are shown then we do not currently accept, however if you feel that we should accept a certain brand that we are unaware of or overlooked feel free to submit a brand request and we will review and consider adding the merchant to our accepted list.
You just need to confirm the spelling of your paypal email address, is correctly displayed so we can ensure your money is being sent to the correct email you have on file with PayPal.